Every child deserves to grow and thrive free from abuse and neglect.

Child abuse can be prevented when every adult watches out for every child. PFSA educates, informs and leads communities to action to protect children from abuse and neglect. Join us in keeping PA's kids safe! No matter where your life takes you, you have a role to play in preventing child abuse.

ACT Raising Safe Kids

ACT  is a national, evidence-based, parent education program designed by the American Psychological Association. It focuses on adults who care for and teach children from birth to 8 years old. The program aims to strengthen positive parenting skills by teaching child development, behavior management, tools for positive effective discipline, effective anger and conflict management and media literacy. The ACT Raising Safe Kids program provides caregivers with a supportive social network and supports families to create safe communities for their children.

ACT addresses parents’ use of effective, nonviolent discipline and nurturing behaviors. It focuses on parental knowledge of child development, discipline methods, and media literacy, as well as parents’ anger management, social problem solving skills and their ability to teach/model these skills to children. By promoting effective parenting practices, the program also addresses children’s aggression and behavior problems. ACT also provides a supportive community of parents who help and support each other during and after the program: it builds community.

PFSA is hosting an ACT Facilitator Training session on November 2 & 3 (must attend both days). This introductory training prepares child and family professionals to conduct the 9-week parenting program, ACT Raising Safe Kids. This introductory training prepares child and family professionals to conduct the 9-week parenting program, ACT Raising Safe Kids. Details on our events calendar and by calling PFSA at 800-448-4906.

Supporting Parents in Recovery

For parents recovering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), balancing the demands of both parenting and maintaining sobriety is a real challenge. PFSA offers a resource to help: “Recovering Families” is designed to suggestions on how to be a better parent in recovery by focusing on: talking with children about substance use and recovery; balancing recovery and parenting; identifying feelings and healthy behavior; tips for parenting in recovery; working with the child welfare system, and using the twelve steps in parenting. 

The program includes a standardized pre/post-test of participant knowledge, a feedback form for participants to identify the level of change they perceive to have because of the program and a guide to collecting anecdotal evidence on how participants have been positively affected by the program.  For example, in a recent evaluation of 165 people who participated in Recovering Families” while they were patients in a residential treatment program, results showed: 

  • 95% of participants said they knew “a lot more” about how their substance use had impacted their children and the remaining 5% said they knew “a little more” about this topic.
  • 65% said they knew “a lot more” about communicating with children; 32% said they knew “a little more.”
  • 82% reported knowing “a lot more” about balancing recovery and parenting and 18% said they knew “a little more.”

"For anyone working with newly clean and sober parents...this resource is a 'must have' to encourage positive outcomes."

National Council on Family Relations

On-Site/In-Person Mandated Reporter Training is Now Available in Spanish!

PFSA is proud to be the first entity in Pennsylvania to have qualified bilingual trainers who can provide on-site/in-person mandated reporter training in Spanish!

Residents of Hispanic descent are the fastest-growing ethnic population in Pennsylvania. It is vitally important to offer training in recognizing and reporting child abuse in both English and Spanish to help ensure that suspected abuse is reported accurately and in a timely and effective manner.

Request On-Site Training in Spanish

Mandated Reporter Training

For more than 20 years Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) has provided the most comprehensive training on recognizing and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect to mandated reporters in Pennsylvania.

Our in-person training is conducted across Pennsylvania by experts in the field of child welfare, many of whom have decades of experience in responding to reports of child abuse, investigating reports and providing services to families. 

Request a free in-person training today by calling PFSA at 800-448-4906 or submitting your request online.

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PFSA selected as Primary Partner in Child Maltreatment Initiative in Luzerne County

PA Family Support Alliance is proud to provide services in Luzerne County as part of the successful grant award to The United Way of the Wyoming Valley (UWWV) from the Moses Taylor Foundation.  The United Way of Wyoming Valley is focused on supporting primary and secondary strategies aimed at preventing and reducing child maltreatment in the Wyoming Valley.  To that end, PFSA joins efforts with other well-respected organizations - Maternal and Family Health Services (MFHS) and Catholic Social Services (CSS) - to tackle this growing societal health concern. While MFHS and CSS focus on providing in home services through the Nurse Family Partnership program and parenting education programs and in-home visitation, PFSA will focus on services for professionals, volunteers and community members for the better protection of the children who live, learn and play in Luzerne County.

PFSA will provide training on child abuse recognition and reporting for professionals and volunteers who work with children in Luzerne County and will offer The Front Porch Program, a community based training initiative designed to help citizens concerned about the safety of children play a positive role in their protection. Bill Jones, CEO of the United Way of Wyoming Valley says, “When we researched organizations to work with I heard over and over again that PFSA was simply the best.  We have been very impressed and are anxious to begin.”  Training sessions for mandated reporters of child abuse are scheduled for September at UWWY offices.  Program services will span two years and will include a PA Blue Ribbon Campaign for Safe Kids next spring.  

PA Champions for Safe Kids awards ceremony planned for April 4th, 2018 at the Capitol Rotunda.

This event honors those lost or put at risk by child abuse and is held during the month of April which is the official Protection of Child Abuse month. PA Family Support Alliance is the state leader in protecting children from abuse and neglect. For more information about how you or your organization can participate, contact Ann Moffitt, ACFRE at 717-856-4428 or amoffitt@pa-fsa.org.

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