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Do you know how to recognize and report child abuse? We do.

1/13/15 - Today, we launched our newest online training product, “Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse,” developed by 1 of the top10 sources of custom e-learning solutions in the United States. After our training, you'll understand the new CPSL and learn to apply the law in specific scenarios as you increase your knowledge and confidence level.

Winter Newsletter Published

1/09/15 - Read our winter newsletter to find out about PFSA's mandated reporter training,changes regarding child abuse and criminal history clearances, Front Porch Project and much more.

Process for Submitting CEs to Department of State

1/07/15 - Information for mandated reporters who have licenses under the PA Department of State: There has been some confusion and some panic for those who have already applied for licensure renewal. PFSA is required to upload licensee’s information directly to Department of State (DOS). The system to do so through DOS only became available at the end of last week. Therefore, persons who have already applied for licensure renewal are receiving a discrepancy letter; there is no cause for concern. PFSA is scheduled to upload information on Friday for all attendees to this point. We will upload information once a week thereafter. You should have received a link to complete PFSA's web form for CEs. If you did not complete this web form, please do so now if you have already applied for renewal. If you haven’t applied yet, please complete prior to applying. You will need your training date and trainer’s name, which can be found on your certificate. We cannot upload your information if you do not complete the web form. Please contact PFSA at to request a link for completing the web form.

Making Sense of Horror

11/20/14 - If you've heard about several especially horrific child abuse cases in the news lately, you're probably asking yourself "how could a parent do that to a child?" We're asking that too. Read our blog to find out how these tragedies inspire PFSA staff to increase our efforts in child abuse prevention by educating both mandated reporters and community members.

Questions and Answers from PFSA: New Requirements for Mandated Reporters

11/06/14 - Widespread, much-needed changes are coming to Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law (CPSL). Are you ready? Do you or your organization have what you need to fulfill the new training requirements? Do you understand your responsibilities, your liabilities and your protections?