Reporting Child Abuse

Child abuse is not always obvious and many children are too young or too frightened to tell someone what is happening to them. Children, especially younger, more vulnerable children, are often unaware that what is happening to them is abuse. Sometimes, it takes a caring adult, like a teacher, family member, or a neighbor, to recognize that something is not right in a child’s life.


How to report child abuse? Click here.

Who can report child abuse?  Click here.

Who must report child abuse? Click here.


CY-47 (Report of Suspected Child Abuse)

  • For use by mandated reporters.  Please send to the local county children and youth agency where the incident of alleged abuse took place.  For your local children and youth contact information, please click here.

CY 47-D (Report of Suspected Student Abuse)

  • For use by school administrators.  Please send to the local law enforcement agency and district attorney where the incident happened. For your local district attorney contact information, please click here.


Suspect Child Abuse?  Call ChildLine 1-800-932-0313.