Parenting in Difficult Situations

Parenting is hard enough in the best of times, but when life's challenges - incarceration, addiction, separation/divorce, domestic violence - add to the stress, parenting can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips for getting through life's tough situations:

When Child Welfare is involved with your family:

  • Information for fathers on how to regain custody of children after placement in foster care.
  • Parenting from A Distance (Spanish Version) Here are some tips for parents whose children are in foster care placement.
  • Do's and Don'ts Do's and Don'ts for Parents with Child Welfare Involvement - Here are some general tips for cooperating with your county Children and Youth office.

When a Parent is incarcerated:

  • Parenting from the Inside You can maintain your relationship with your child while you are incarcerated; here’s how.
  • When a parent is an inmate When a parent is incarcerated, children have many different emotions. Here is some general information on how incarceration impacts children.
  • Ideas for Separated Families Incarcerated parents can find creative ways to stay in contact with their children. Here are some ideas.
  • Corrections Today article PFSA’s partnership with the Dept of Corrections Bureau of Community Corrections led to a feature article in the December issue of Corrections Today magazine. Read about our work with recently released parents in Corrections Today.
  • Parenting in Prison Incarcerated parents with children in foster care face many challenges to stay connected. Parents in prison write about their experiences in “Rise,” a magazine by and for parents in the child welfare system.
  • Children of Incarcerated Bill of Rights Children of incarcerated parents have a right to a relationship with their parent, even if he/she is incarcerated. Here’s a “bill of rights” for incarcerated parents.

When a parent is an inmate:

Incarceration does not have to mean an end to a parent’s relationship with a child. Learn more

Separated / Divorced Parents:

Recovering Families:

Other challenging situations: