Child Abuse Prevention Month



Here are events from the 2014 Observance

Child Abuse Prevention Month Kick Off Breakfast - April 2, 2014 at 8:00 am

We kicked off Child Abuse Prevention Month our annual legislative breakfast session on April 2 at the Harrisburg Hilton and Towers. This year’s keynote address was delivered by Loretta Claiborne, a world-class runner, Special Olympics Pennsylvania athlete and internationally acclaimed motivational speaker.   Everyone present felt energized and inspired by Loretta's insight and observations.


Loreta Claiborne

Keynote Speaker Loretta Claiborne

Loretta Claiborne and PFSA Executive Director Angela Liddle at the breakfast


In addition to the keynote presentation, PFSA recognized members of Pennsylvania’s General Assembly who led the passage of the child abuse reform package.

Painting for Prevention 2014

A highlight of the observance since 2008, this year’s Painting for Prevention murals had the theme “On the Edge of Adulthood: Teens Paint for Prevention.” Three murals were created at two locations (Sunbury and Philadelphia).  Take a before and after look at our Sunbury mural:



sunbury painting for prevention mural


Rep. Linda Culver

Rep. Linda Culver adds her touch to the mural.

Northumberland County Children & Youth Services Administrator, Jennifer Willard Miller supported the mural event.


PFSA's Executive Director, Angela Liddle, hard at work at the Sunbury mural.


Beth Burkhauser of Heart 2 Art works with young painters.


We created two murals with teenagers in Philadephia.


PFSA has created posters that serve as an ongoing reminder of our Painting for Prevention events.  Click here to see all the posters of past murals and to purchase a poster to support Child Abuse Prevention Month.


View Past Events:

What Can You Do To Prevent Child Abuse?

Every citizen, parent and neighbor can do something to prevent child abuse. Learn what you can do to help. 

 Why Blue Ribbons?

In the spring of 1989, a grandmother named Bonnie Finney took a stand against child abuse in Norfolk, Virginia. She tied a blue ribbon on the antenna of her mini van in remembrance of her late grandson and as a signal to her community that child abuse continues to be a devastating social plague.

Her grandson, Michael Wayne "Bubba" Dickenson and his siblings lived an at-risk existence in an abusive home environment. Despite Finney's efforts to intervene on behalf of her grandchildren, his mother's boyfriend murdered three-year-old Bubba. His body was found, bound, beaten and bruised, in a weighted toolbox at the bottom of a canal.

"One day I was just thinking about all the bruises I had seen on my grandchildren," Finney said. "I just decided I was going to tie a blue ribbon on my van. Why blue? I intend never to forget the battered, bruised bodies of my grandchildren. Blue serves as a constant reminder to me to fight for protection for our children."

Finney's personal campaign to raise public awareness of child maltreatment was joined by a Norfolk parent assistance program and a local radio station. Soon, stores, businesses, schools, churches, civic organizations and social service agencies were participating in the campaign and thousands of blue ribbons were displayed in the name of child abuse prevention. The spirit of her blue ribbon grew and inspired a statewide community-based effort to prevent child abuse in every town, every community and every city and county.

Bonnie Finney's simple act of education and remembrance has inspired a nationwide movement and led states throughout the country participate in the campaign by designating the month of April each year Child Abuse Prevention Month.

"The blue ribbon (click here to order blue ribbon pins) serves as a constant reminder to fight for the protection of children," Finney explained. "We must protect our most precious gift of all - our children. Even if we just change one child's life, it would be worth it. I don't want other parents or grandparents to go through what we've been through. During the month of April, I hope all Americans will wear a blue ribbon, put one on their cars, give them to friends and tell anyone who asks what it means. You may save a child's life."

Can one person make a difference? Bonnie Finney did...and you can too. Click here to find out what you can do to prevent child abuse.

The Cost of Child Abuse 

What does child abuse cost in dollars and cents? Protecting children and preventing child abuse makes sense. Read PFSA’s 2010 research on the total cost of child abuse in PA.

The Power of One: The Front Porch Project® In Pennsylvania

How many times have you witnessed a parent struggling with a child in the midst of a tantrum in a public place?  Have you ever been concerned that your neighbor is leaving her young children home alone? How often have you observed a child in your neighborhood playing unsupervised in the street? How often have you struggled with questions about whether or how to help a child? 

You’re not alone. Find out about our new training – open to anyone who wants to learn more about how to protect PA’s kids from abuse. 

Mandated Reporter Training Available

People who come in contact with children as a result of their job are required to report suspected child abuse. Through the Department of Public Welfare, PFSA is able to offer training on recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect. Scheduling a training session at your location is easy and free for most organizations. Scheduling is flexible, and sessions may be offered during the day or evening, seven days a week. Find out more

 Child Abuse Prevention Month Materials

  • Click here to order "Painting for Prevention" posters.
  • Order Blue Ribbon Pins and Magnets  here (click on "Child Abuse Prevention Month Resources" in our online store). 
  • Prevention Bookmarks  - Download, print and cut these bookmarks listing "10 Things You Can Do To Prevent Child Abuse."
  • Download "What Can I Do To Prevent Child Abuse?" here.
  • Download "What does child abuse cost Pennslvania each year?" here.