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2. An upstairs neighbor is screaming at his young child and threatening to "get the belt". You know that he has hit the child in the past and you suspect the child may be injured now. The best thing to do is:

This is the best option if the child is in immediate danger. You can also make a report to ChildLine of the suspected abuse, but your first concern is the immediate safety of the child.

You can make an anonymous report to ChildLine at any time of the day or night, once you feel that the child is safe. Click here for more information.

Consider the serious nature of what you are hearing. Protecting kids is everyone's responsibility; don't pretend you don't hear and hope it will get better.

There's no easy answer to what to do in any situation. Most people feel that it's better to err on the side of caution when the safety of a child is at stake. To learn more about possible options click here.

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