Individual and Communities Interactive Quiz

3. A co-worker tells you she has been reported for suspected child abuse. You can't believe she would hurt her child; she seems so loving and nurturing. After an investigation, it is found that she admitted lashing out when angry and hurting her child. How do you respond?

It's hard to face a situation when our trust in someone has been broken. Over time, you may be able to put yourself in your co-worker's place and see this as an unfortunate, but isolated, incident. That might help you to offer support and a listening ear.

Families experiencing abuse or neglect issues are often under a great deal of stress in multiple areas of their lives. Your interaction, involvement or support can be an important stress reducer for the child and for the parents. It sounds like you could be helpful to this family.

While it's OK to offer suggestions when asked, no one likes to be told what they "should" do. The child welfare agency has probably already made referrals, so it might be a good idea to offer your support in any way in which you feel comfortable. Families can greatly benefit from social support, which could include anything from baby-sitting to carpooling to just offering to listen.

There's no easy answer to what to do in any situation. Often, our personal experiences impact whether and how we relate in a situation like this. To learn more about possible options, click here.

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