Individual and Communities Interactive Quiz

4. You are attending a religious service and watch as a father sitting in front of you is struggling to keep his son, about 4 years old, quiet during the service. You watch him get "rough" with him until he finally grabs the child by the arm and quickly exits the room. You are concerned about what might be happening out in the hall between the two of them. What do you do?

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. If it seems like Dad or child doesn't need help, you might not get involved. It probably wouldn't hurt to touch base with Dad later and let him know if your church has a nursery or kid's activities.

You can always go to the bathroom and just see what's happening. Give Dad an encouraging smile or offer help, or know when you need help and look for an user or other church member to go with you to Dad.

Sometimes organizations have to take a look at how family-friendly they are, and a minister might be able to help with that. If you're not comfortable talking to Dad, that's OK - a smile can go a long way too!

There's no right or wrong answer. Every person has to decide what they are comfortable doing. Think about what might concern you in situations like this, and decide on what to do ahead of time, if you can.

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