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Cyber & School-Based Bullying- 50 Pack (P19)

This guide provides examples of bullying, tips for supporting kids, and legal information to keep kids safe.

Price: $20.00

Setting Limits on Screen Time for Kids & Families- 50 Pack (P20)

All technology has risks and benefits. Seeking balance and setting limits on screen time supports healthy habits for the whole family

Price: $20.00

Difficult Conversations with Teens- 50 pack (P21)

In this guide, we provide suggestions and starting points for approaching the subject of sexting with teens in a way that promotes support and communication while reducing shame and fear for all involved

Price: $20.00

Responding to Teen Pregnancy- 50 pack (P22)

This resource will help inform your decisions and provides guidance in talking to your child about teen pregnancy and parenting.

Price: $20.00

Teen Dating Violence- 50 Pack (P23)

Unsafe and unhealthy relationships can begin when your child is in their teens and leave a lasting impression that can impact individuals and their relationships in adulthood. This guide details supports and suggestions for parents confronting teen dating violence.

Price: $20.00

Creating a Family Social Media Policy- 50 Pack (P24)

We live in a quickly advancing digital age. Creating a social media policy or agreement for your family sets expectations for online behavior and encourages children to make safer, appropriate choices when they are connected.

Price: $20.00

Caregiver Series- Sample pack (P18)

This is a free sample pack containing 1 each of our Caregiver Guides. Flat rate shipping charges of $10 and taxes apply. LIMIT ONE PER ORDER

Price: $0.00

Trauma- And Helping Children Cope- 50 pack (P28)

Unaddressed trauma in children can have lasting, lifelong repercussions. Learn about what trauma is, what indicators point to trauma, and how to help children cope with it.

Price: $20.00

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