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Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse Participant Guide* (quantity of 500 or more) (MRT19B)

This 64-page training manual is a mandatory, supplemental resource to be provided to each participant of PFSA's Mandated Reporter on-site trainings. (This is not intended as a stand-alone resource.) *ONLY ACTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL TRAINERS ARE PERMITTED TO ORDER THIS ITEM AND QUANTITY MUST CORRELATE TO NUMBER OF ORGANIZATIONAL STAFF TRAINED AS INDICATED ON SIGN IN SHEETS. - To order quantities of 500 or more please contact our office.

Cyber & School-Based Bullying- 50 Pack (P19)

This 12-page booklet offers tips and support for children who are bullied and children who bully. It helps identify bullying and includes resources for parents and educators.

Price: $20.00

Setting Limits on Screen Time for Kids & Families- 50 Pack (P20)

All technology has risks and benefits. Seeking balance and setting limits on screen time supports healthy habits for the whole family. This 8-page booklet encourages parents and caregivers to maintain limits on screen time. It includes creative alternatives and discusses age-appropriate limits.

Price: $20.00

Difficult Conversations with Teens- 50 pack (P21)

In this guide, we provide suggestions and starting points for approaching the subject of sexting with teens in a way that promotes support and communication while reducing shame and fear for all involved. It helps readers understand the risks and appropriate responses to children actively sexting. It includes tools and resources for prevention.

Price: $20.00

Responding to Teen Pregnancy- 50 pack (P22)

This 12-page booklet provides families and caregivers with content on what to expect with a teen pregnancy, ways to support teen parents, and resources for families.

Price: $20.00

Teen Dating Violence- 50 Pack (P23)

Unsafe and unhealthy relationships can begin when your child is in their teens and leave a lasting impression that can impact individuals and their relationships in adulthood. This 8-page booklet helps parents identify unhealthy dating patterns among children and includes tools and resources for both prevention and healing.

Price: $20.00

Creating a Family Social Media Policy- 50 Pack (P24)

We live in a quickly advancing digital age. Creating a social media policy or agreement for your family sets expectations for online behavior and encourages children to make safer, appropriate choices when they are connected. This 12-page booklet provides caregivers with tools and tips to keep kids safe online. Discussions include common dilemmas and concerns, as well as additional resources for online safety.

Price: $20.00

Caregiver Series- Sample pack (P18)

This is a free sample pack containing 1 each of our Caregiver Guides. Flat rate shipping charges of $10 and taxes apply. LIMIT ONE PER ORDER

Price: $0.00

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