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Recovering Families - Class pack for 10 participants (BYF06E)

“Recovering Families” is designed to be used by parenting programs, drug and alcohol inpatient rehab facilities, outpatient counseling offices, and support groups that are working with parents who are recovering from chemical addiction. Class pack: 1 instructors manual and 10 workbooks

Price: $80.00

Recovering Families Instructor Manual (BYF06F)

Includes session-by-session outlines, ideas for additional activities, supply lists and other information essential to using the Recovering Families program.

Price: $10.00

Co-Parenting Together - 50 Pack (P13)

Divorce is a stressful event for children as well as parents. This brochure discusses co-parenting skills and offers tips on making transitions as smooth as possible for children.

Price: $12.50

Parenting from a Distance - 50 Pack (P06)

Brochure provides suggestions for parents regaining custody of their children from child welfare systems, including strategies for being the best parent possible while separated.

Price: $12.50

Parenting One Day at a Time - 50 Pack (P09)

The same concepts that help you in a Twelve Step program can also improve your parenting skills. This brochure gets you started.

Price: $12.50

Parenting a Crying Baby - 50 Pack (P11)

Shaken baby syndrome is often the result of a parent losing control with a crying infant. This brochure offers ways to help the baby feel better while the parent calms down.

Price: $12.50

Parenting from the Inside - 50 Pack (P07)

It’s possible to be an active, caring parent while in prison. Some tips included in this brochure.

Price: $12.50

Parenting with Hope & Health - 50 Pack (P10)

Provides parents with mental illness with suggestions for coping with their illness while providing a nurturing environment for children.

Price: $12.50

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