Sponsor or Host a Front Porch Project Training

We partner with many kinds of local groups to offer FPP in their communities – faith-based organizations, schools, neighborhood watch/community development programs and many others. Often, the training is offered at no charge to the community (there is never a charge to individuals who want to attend) and there are just a few basic things that local groups must provide. We’re flexible in working with groups to arrange dates and times, help with recruitment of participants and other logistics.

Bringing The Front Porch Project® to Your Community

The Front Porch Project (FPP) is a research-supported, community-based initiative based on the belief that prevention of child abuse is everyone’s business. We believe that everyone who is concerned about the safety and well-being of children in the community can be encouraged to help and taught how to make a difference. In years past, American front porches were more than convenient sitting places; they served as networking centers where friends and neighbors could look out for neighborhood children and help each other through difficult times. Today, The Front Porch Project brings that same spirit to communities through skills-based training.

In Pennsylvania, The Front Porch Project is offered by Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA), a statewide child abuse prevention program. We offer the training in partnership with local organizations, at no charge.

What Participants Learn

Training is available in several formats. During the training, participants learn:

  • How and when to safely respond when you are worried about a child in your neightborhood or in a public place
  • To understand the issues effecting families today
  • The many ways we can all help to protect all children

Sponsor Responsibilities

A local sponsor - nonprofit organization, business, county/city government or a group of interested citizens - works with PFSA to bring FPP to the community. The local sponsor provides:

  • Meeting space for maximum of 30 people.
  • Refreshments, if appropriate for the time of the meeting.
  • Marketing the training within your community, and recruitment of participants.

PA Family Support Alliance Provides:

  • Front Porch Project certified trainer(s)
  • All participant handout materials and training supplies
  • Registration of participants and reminders to attend
  • News releases and other promotional materials for the event
  • Evaluation report following the training

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Form more information: contact Beth Bitler, Program Director at PFSA, or call 800-448-4906.

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